Blue Apatite and Citrine Wrap Bracelet
Blue Apatite and Citrine Wrap Bracelet

Feast your eyes on the beautiful colors in this wrap bracelet! It has blue apatite and citrine with purple glass beads, a gold hibiscus flower charm and a dangling purple fluorite briolette. Gorgeous!

14″ long and wraps around the wrist.

Handmade by Wild Heart Whimsicals

Blue Apatite is known to be a hunger suppressant. It helps to balance the body and the Chakras. It helps you turn ideas into reality and increases mental clarity. Helps communication and self-expression. Helps you be extroverted and social. Good for autism. Helps bones, teeth, cartilage, arthritis and joint problems.

Citrine is known as The Merchant’s Stone. It is a stone of abundance, prosperity, imagination, creativity, hope and happiness. It helps stop self-destructive behavior and addictions, weight loss, diabetes and fibromyalgia. This stone never needs cleaning.

Purple Fluorite enhances intuition, brings order to chaos, dispels negative energy, helps brainstorming, writer’s block, focus and enhances psychic communication. Helps the immune system, tension headaches, emotional and physical scars.

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