Floral Bangle Bracelet
Floral Bangle Bracelet

You don’t have to be a flower child to love this Floral Bangle Bracelet. It’s made with citrine, chrysoprase and rosewood beads with a flower charm connector.

7″ (best for smaller wrists)

Handmade by Wild Heart Whimsicals

Chrysoprase helps one to connect with altruistic feelings. A stone of grace and compassion, Chrysoprase facilitates deep meditation and relaxation. Use Chrysoprase to encourage acceptance of oneself and of others, by banishing feelings of superiority or inferiority from within. Chrysoprase can also be used as a loving and supportive stone during experiences of deep loss. Chrysoprase is known for bringing hope into dire situations, and is excellent for breaking negative cycles. It can help to initiate great inner growth, especially when used during meditation. Carrying Chrysoprase in the pocket can be beneficial for those needing to release fear and bitterness. Physically, Green Chrysoprase can be used to treat disorders of the heart and to increase dexterity. Lemon Chrysoprase, also called Citron, can be used to assist in the assimilation of Vitamin C, treat reproductive organs and increase fertility.

Citrine is known as The Merchant’s Stone. It is a stone of abundance, prosperity, imagination, creativity, hope and happiness. It helps stop self-destructive behavior and addictions, weight loss, diabetes and fibromyalgia. This stone never needs cleaning.


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