ROCKwear Jimi Hendrix Replica Necklace
ROCKwear Jimi Hendrix Replica Necklace

Jimi Hendrix Replica Necklace

This is a handcrafted replication of a turquoise choker necklace that Jimi Hendrix wore frequently. It is a unisex necklace so anybody can wear it. It is simple but very hip. There are many pictures of Jimi wearing this necklace so it must have been a favorite. Pick up a piece of rock ‘n roll history with this great necklace.

Handmade by The Hippie Bohemian

Approx. 20″ long with 1″ turquoise (color and size of the turquoise pendant may vary)

Turquoise offers protection, healing, self-forgiveness, acceptance and peace. It releases regrets and relieves stress. Good for panic attacks, depression and exhaustion. Stabilizes mood swings and helps fears. Turquoise empowers those who feel bullied.

Beads made from seeds, nuts and wood should not be exposed to water or excessive humidity for long periods of time. Because they are harvested from plants and trees, natural beads will vary in size, shape and color from bead to bead.

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