Black Amber Necklace


Black Amber Necklace

This is a unique and stunning piece. A 1 1/2″ piece of tubular black amber is wrapped in copper and has an adjustable black cord.

Handmade by local Woodstock artist.

Cord is 17″ on each side.

Black Amber, also known as Jet, is commonly used as a stone of protection, yet it also carries some wonderful healing properties including pain relief for headaches/migraines and enhanced healing of traumatic injuries. Jet is a wonderful grounding stone that has intense purification and protection properties.

Jet can also be helpful for those experiencing an overabundance of negative energies or emotions, and has traditionally been used as a stone to alleviate grief. Not only does it draw off negative vibrations, but Jet can help the victim of these vibes to understand their original purpose and the lesson to be learned. Sensitives or empaths who suffer from exposure to negativity in the environment should carry a piece of Jet with them while exposed.

Those suffering from nervousness and hyperactive children may find a calming benefit from Jet, as it integrates higher vibrations into the lower chakras and brings a soothing sense of wholeness to the individual.

Also known as a stone of good luck, Jet makes a great gift for the person starting a new job or beginning a new business pursuit. Jet can be used to cleanse other crystals by placing them in a bowl with several smaller pieces of Jet.

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