Blue Coral and Carnelian Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet will put a sparkle in your eyes. Gorgeous Blue Coral and Red Carnelian beads are complemented by silver accents and a white focal bead.

Elastic. Fits up to 7″ wrists.

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Handmade by The Hippie Bohemian

Carnelian is a Sacral Chakra stone that increases vitality, love of life and joy. Carnelian is a stone of friendship. It is a stone of willpower, creativity, drive, and decision-making. It helps rekindle intimacy and sexuality. Helps PMS, fertility, libido and menopause.

Blue Coral has sea-related properties. It can help disorganized people, including children, helping them with both time management and responsibility. Health wise, Blue Coral Crystal properties include soothing of inflamed and burned skin, skin allergies, bone and cell related issues. They can also help relieve illnesses triggered in particular seasons. Blue Coral Crystals are particularly used by those who travel by sea a lot, including fishermen and sailors, as well as their families. Such workers also benefit from this stone particularly with long hour shifts, helping them to adapt to different timings, day after day.


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