Blue Coral Necklace


This is a stunning blue coral necklace with red picture jasper and a lovely silver focal piece. The blue coral and red picture jasper beads are accented with faceted glass beads that dance in the light. This is a must-have necklace. If you buy it as a gift for someone, you may be tempted to keep it for yourself.

About 18″

Handmade by The Hippie Bohemian

Picture Jasper is the stone of choice for counselors and therapists and is considered a sacred stone of protection. It inspires creative visualization and helps writer’s block. This stone inspires confidence and business success. It is healing, both physical and emotional, and is especially useful for illness, injury and hospitalization. It can also help you quit smoking. It helps with fertility and is protective during pregnancy.

Blue Coral Crystals can be used to help disorganised people, including children, helping them with both time management and responsibility. Healthwise, Blue Coral Crystal Properties include soothing of inflamed and burned skin, skin allergies, bone and cell related issues. They can also help relieve illnesses triggered in particular seasons. Blue Coral Crystals are particularly used by those who travel by sea a lot, including fishermen and sailors, as well as their families. Such workers also benefit from this stone particularly with long hour shifts, helping them to adapt to different timings, day after day.


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