Blue Onyx and Turquoise Bracelet with Dreamcatcher


For the dreamer or lover of dreamcatchers: This blue onyx and blue turquoise bracelet is highlighted with faceted pieces. (blue onyx is natural agate dyed and blue turquoise is synthetic.) It is accented with a pewter dream catcher.

One size fits most. Durable elastic band

Blue Onyx is a Throat Chakra stone. It offers strength during confusing and difficult times of stress. It helps you be the master of your destiny and offers personal strength and self-confidence. Helps grief and old sorrows. Anchors flighty people and integrates self-duality. Helps fears and worries. Helps with vigor, stamina, bones, teeth and blood disorders.

Turquoise offers protection, healing, self-forgiveness, acceptance and peace. It releases regrets and relieves stress. Good for panic attacks, depression and exhaustion. Stabilizes mood swings and helps fears. Turquoise empowers those who feel bullied.


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