Chakra Dreamcatcher – Heart


This beautiful dream catcher will help balance your Heart Chakra while also adding beautiful decor to any room. This catcher features a 3-inch hoop with Russian Amazonite crystals and lovely emerald green fabric.

Handmade by Tay’s Dreamers

The Heart Chakra is the love center where love, compassion, generosity, honesty, fidelity, joy and forgiveness reside.  It covers love in its many forms, unrequited, unconditional, romantic, platonic and self love. It nurtures, both emotionally and physically. This is the “I Love” Chakra.

Amazonite heals and opens both the heart and the throat chakras to enhance loving communication. It also opens the third eye and intuition. It calms and helps clear blockages, soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It strengthens the heart and physical body. Amazonite helps you discover why you are stuck in patterns and release them. Helps metabolism and muscle cramps.


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