Chakra Dreamcatcher – Root


This beautiful dream catcher will help balance your Root Chakra while also adding beautiful decor to any room. This catcher features an 6-inch hoop with Garnet crystals and lovely colorful fabric that makes this the most vibrant gift that will keep the bad dreams away.

Handmade by Tay’s Dreamers

Garnet illuminates dark places and dark souls. It is good for depression, bringing joy and hope into dark places. It helps to lessen anger, especially toward oneself. Garnet stimulates survival instincts, bringing willpower and courage. This is an excellent stone for survivors, for those who have been abused or victimized and need to reclaim their personal power.

Garnet inspires passion, love, devotion, loyalty and commitment. It helps with libido and fertility. It is also the January birthstone.



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