Chakra Dreamcatcher – Third Eye


This beautiful dream catcher will help balance your Third Eye Chakra while also adding beautiful decor to any room. This catcher features a 6-inch hoop with Blue Kyanite and Lapis Lazuli crystals and lovely indigo and gold fabric.

Handmade by Tay’s Dreamers

The Third Eye Chakra is the perception center where intuition and seeing beyond the naked eye occurs. The function of the brow chakra is to regulate the levels of physical and spiritual perception of the world within and around us. Through the brow chakra we connect with our own interpretations, thoughts, and understanding of the world as it is. This is the “I See” Chakra.

Blue kyanite is both a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone. It is perfect for public speakers and performers. It is calming, tranquilizing and helps intuition, self-expression and communication. It helps areas of the body that have had surgery or trauma by bridging the wounds with energy stitches Helps voice and throat ailments.

Lapis Lazuli is the “Stone of Truth.” It encourages honesty as well as friendship, self-awareness and harmony. It enhances intelligence, resolves anger and frustration. Lapis helps throat problems, thyroid problems and headaches.

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