Chakra Dreamcatcher – Throat


This stunning dream catcher will help balance your Throat Chakra while also adding beautiful decor to any room. This catcher features an 8-inch hoop with Blue Lace Agate crystals, a dangling Lapis Lazuli point and lovely navy and silver fabric that will remind you of a starry night sky.

Handmade by Tay’s Dreamers

The Throat Chakra is our communication center where we honor our truth. This is where our clairaudience (hearing higher vibrational beings like angels and spirit guides) is filtered in. Honesty and integrity are both associated with the throat chakra, as well as honoring ones truth and standing up for what one believes. Being a good listener is also associated with the throat chakra. This is the “I Speak” Chakra.

Blue lace agate is a gentle, calming stone that engenders tranquility and grace. Blue lace agate brings with this calm and tranquility a lessening of anger, even deep anger issues, and a calming of nervousness. It is even considered a happiness stone from these harmonious energies it carries, as well as one of hope..

Lapis Lazuli is the “Stone of Truth.” It encourages honesty as well as friendship, self-awareness and harmony. It enhances intelligence, resolves anger and frustration. Lapis helps throat problems, thyroid problems and headaches.

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