Crystal Bar Necklace – Blue Aventurine and Garnet


Beautiful statement necklace – silver chain with a bar of genuine crystal beads and silver accents.

Crystal bar measures 1 3/4″

Chain approx. 18″

Handmade by Devin See Otter Things

Blue Aventurine activates the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It is a protective stone. It encourages open and honest communication and helps you speak your mind. It honors peace, caring and compassion for others. It is calming and helps you overcome bad habits and instills leadership. Helps pain, insomnia, ADHD, headaches and hormone imbalances.

Garnet is good for those abused or victimized as it helps them claim their lost power. Brings hope and joy to help depression, brings light to dark.Stimulates survival instincts, willpower, courage. Ignites love, passion, sexuality and commitment, helping relationships.

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