Evil Queen Soy Candle – Dog Mom


Is there anything better than puppy breath kisses and wet noses? Absolutely not! If you’re a dog mom or someone you know is, this candle is the perfect gift! Smooches and pooches <3

S C E N T S  :

Sandalwood, vanilla, unlimited cuddles. Woof!

D E T A I L S :

  • 12 oz jar full of 100% soy wax from American grown soy beans
  • Hand poured in Los Angeles by Evil Queen
  • Vegan + eco-friendly

T I P S  A N D  T R I C K S  :

  •  Allow your candle to burn for at least one hour the first time you light it. This will create a large enough “melt pool” and ensure that your candle burns evenly.
  •  Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4″. Always. I mean it.
  •  Be attentive, and make sure your candle is in a safe area where it won’t catch anything on fire. Trust me. Fastest way to ruin a good time is by lighting the lamp shade on fire.

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