Himalayan Salt Lamp USB – LED Light Sphere



These adorable Himalayan salt lamp are the perfect computer and wireless device companion. Not only soothing but fun to look at as it changes color from blue to yellow to pink to red to green to purple…

They reduce unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and purify the air naturally, by emitting negative ions, which neutralizes hazardous positive ions transmitted by all modern electronics.

USB cord & LED light included. Base made of Shisham wood.

Colored with natural minerals, such as iron, these lamps are wonderful examples of the natural wonders that can be found within the earth. Each lamp is created with a piece of Himalayan rock salt that has had its core hollowed out, and has been fastened to a sturdy wooden base. It creates a warm, orange-pink glow that is great for creating a soothing atmosphere in whatever room it is placed.

Further, as these lamps heat up it is believed that they create healing negative ions, which are believed to help balance your electromagnetic field, purify the air, and generally help create a sense of serenity.

Each lamp stands approximately 3″ high and about 2.75″ in diameter, though the exact sizes will vary. Comes with the USB cord to plug into your devices.

Intended for indoor use only.

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