Lara – Carpet Bag Purse


Lady in Red, this bag is for you. This bag is perfect when you need to carry the essentials and more. Reminiscent of carpet bags, this lovely purse is retro and Boho at the same time! Vivid colors and rich textures make this one-of-a-kind bag sensational.

The bag has a metal frame that holds it open which is so handy when you need to search for something inside. It has one pocket inside for whatever you need to keep handy. The double leopard print straps show you have a wild side! And just look at that beautiful red coconut shell and bronze coin button! Everyone will ask you where you got this amazing purse.

Measurements: 9″ H  15″ W  7″ D  6″ double straps

Proceeds from this bag will go to help New York Bully Crew

Handmade by Janet McKinstry Designs – fine salvaged textiles and unique findings are re-purposed to create one-of-a-kind handbags. All the bags we carry have man-made fabrics only and are created using energy-efficient technology in the artist’s home!

Note: there may be subtle differences in color due to the photographs, lighting and computer monitor. You may request additional photos if needed.

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