Marcasite Star of David with Amethyst


Marcasite Star of David with Amethyst Heart

This is a beautiful antique Star of David with an amethyst heart. The star is made from marcasite and sparkles in the light.

Measures 1″ long. A beautiful gift for Hanukkah or any occasion.

Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone. It brings peace and tranquility. It is the stone of spirituality and sobriety. Amethyst is supposed to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence in negative things. Enhances intellect and business savvy. Helps migraines, insomnia.

Marcasite is a genuine, natural gemstone. Marcasite is derived from a natural mineral called ‘pyrite’. Pyrite is found in many parts of the world, but only a small fraction of it is suitable for the cutting processes required to create marcasite jewelry.

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