Men’s Bracelet Set – Chrysocolla and Rainbow Jasper


We know how hard it can be to shop for the guys but this handmade bracelet set makes getting the perfect gift so easy.

This set includes two handmade bracelets made with wood, chrysocolla and Chinese rainbow jasper.

Both have strong elastic and are sized to fit your favorite guy or gal.

Handmade by Elle Henley

Chrysocolla is a soothing, calming stone. It gives you support and helps you face challenges. It draws off negative energies, and turns anger, guilt and blame into forgiveness, love and joy. It helps with communication and in speaking the truth of the heart. Guards against intrusions. Helps lungs, back, stomach, painful joints, thyroid and PMS.

Rainbow Jasper, also known as Fancy Jasper, is a steady healer that works with all Chakras. It helps procrastination and organization for overactive minds. It prevents us from getting caught up in the past or the future and helps us focus on the now. Helps creativity.

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