Moonstone Two-Tone Necklace


This stunning Moonstone Necklace is perfect for anyone with an October birthday or anyone who loves the iridescent look of this beautiful stone. Handmade and one of a kind, this necklace features an oval moonstone lovingly wire-wrapped into an elegant design with two tones – gold and silver. Perfect for any occasion.

Comes with black cord with metal clasp. Silver-filledand gold-filled wire. Pendant is 1 1/2″ long

Handmade by Damselfly Cottage Creations

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Moonstone intensifies your feminine ‘Goddess’ energy! Moonstone heightens intuition and insight while it calms overreactions and emotional triggers. Relieves stress. Offers travel protection. Helps decision-making, creativity. Helps children sleep without nightmares. Helps PMS, fertility, childbirth, liver issues, hormonal issues, and insomnia.

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