Morion Smoky Quartz Cluster


This are Morion Smoky Quartz Clusters from Brazil. Morion is the term given to rare, naturally irradiated, very dark brown to black specimens of smoky quartz. They usually have dolomite or other minerals attached that enhance their shielding and detoxifying properties. “It gently heals emotional conditions and trauma, overcomes lack of trust, and supports one in coping with stress and strain. It promotes alertness and productivity, and helps one tackle important tasks with zeal.” (Crystal Vaults)

In some countries, there is a belief that morion is a good tool of giving up bad habits such as alcohol and drug abuse. Morion affects the crown chakra as well as the root chakra. Since ancient times, morion has been considered a stone of fortunetellers, sorcerers and necromancers (those who predict the future through talking to the spirits of the dead).

Smoky Quartz is known to increase inner strength and offer physical and psychic protection. It removes negativity and helps you reach goals. It is grounding and centering. Helps grief, depression, lifts the mood and gives courage. It enhances survival instincts and is a stone of choice for those undergoing serious challenges and treatments such as chemotherapy.

Each is almost 2″ long

Buyer receives one of the stones in the photo.

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