Raw Ruby Pendant


Raw Ruby Pendant

This stunning piece features a one-inch chunk of raw ruby exquisitely wrapped in silver. Ruby red facets shine from the dark stone. This is a perfect gift for anyone – a stone of passion to show how you feel!

Handmade by local Woodstock artist.

Raw Ruby, or Corundum, is believed by the ancients to have been blessed by the gods as a powerful protective stone. It is a Stone of wisdom and prosperity, attracts joy and peace and opens the mind to beauty and intuition.

Ruby amplifies energy and helps overcome exhaustion. It is a stone of passion, an aphrodisiac and encourages closeness and commitment. It protects the home from intruders and fire and promotes safety at night, including banishing nightmares. Ruby is good for those with suppressed anger, those who self-harm or self-neglect, or who have sexual dysfunction.

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