Tree of Life Necklace


This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Tree of Life and the colors of nature. A teal patina Tree of Life charm hangs on a necklace of Tiger Eye, Malachite, Bronzite, Pyrite, Hematite and gold glass beads. There is also a Tiger Eye accent on the back.

Approx. 14″ plus 3″ additional chain

Handmade by Wild Heart Whimsicals

Tiger Eye helps you be a force for good in the world. It encourages humanity, kindness, optimism and creativity. It helps you manifest your desires and brings abundance. Tiger Eye is a good stone for negotiations and mediation as it helps you see both sides of situations. Tiger Eye helps you to stay grounded and balances the lower chakras. It is a protective stone and brings out integrity, anchors change to the physical body and enhances practical thought and emotions.

Malachite increases good fortune, prosperity and abundance. It encourages risk-taking and change. Helps shyness and expression of feelings, fear of confrontation and depression. Malachite offers protection and opens the heart. Helps with physical healing. Stops self-destructive romantic tendencies and helps fear of flying. Malachite is said to help arthritis, boost immunity and help muscle cramps.

Hematite is a Root Chakra stone. It offers protection, healing and helps memory and learning. Hematite can help insomnia, pain of all types. It gives courage, especially to women.

Bronzite is known as the “Stone of Focused Action” as well as the “Stone of Courtesy”. Bronzite promotes certainty and control, encourages us to take control over our own actions and enables us to be sure about what it is that we want in our lives.

Sometimes referred to as fools gold, pyrite can be used to help manifest wealth or to hide existing money and property from others. Pyrite is highly protective and blocks negative energy. Stimulates intellect and memory. It is a good stone for forgetful people. Helps treat bone and lung diseases, flu and colds. Good for caregivers and teachers who are exposed to disease and germs.

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