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Who are we?

We are Woodstock Reveries. Well, the shop is Woodstock Reveries and we are the people behind it or actually, inside it. We are a lovely little gift shop in Woodstock, N.Y. (no, the concert didn’t happen here. It’s not our fault).

We sell beautiful unique healing, artistic and vegan gifts and most of it is handmade. After all, Woodstock has always been an artists’ colony. Pretty much, if you can’t make something with your own hands, you can’t live here. Unless you sell creations other people make – that’s a loophole.

Anyway, we sell these gorgeous handmade bags, lots and lots of healing crystals, jewelry, candles, mugs, books, dreamcatchers and other things you may not need but you definitely want. What we carry changes all the time as we continue to evolve…and get more cool creations. We are always looking for talented artists who want to sell their work on consignment. If you’re interested, you can email us for more info. Other things we sell come from small eco-friendly companies. Everything we sell is vegan-friendly and free from animal products – we strongly believe in ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion. Peace is not just a symbol on a t-shirt but a way of living.

Why are we “The Hidden Gem of Woodstock?”

We came up with that tag line because not everyone sees us. Seriously, sometimes it feels like we are covered with a cloak of invisibility and it’s not a superpower we want and now it’s even harder.

Our shop was  located off the main street, down the block and then down a driveway.



Sometimes people would just walk by, eyes on their phones, and didn’t even turn their heads to look at us. Other times, they stopped and looked down the driveway and acted like it was a gazillion miles away instead of a few feet – even people who just hiked up and down the mountain!




But those who made the effort to come inside always (okay, not always but most of the time) said what a beautiful shop we have and what great energy they felt. We liked those people. If they bought something, we loved those people.

But now…we had to leave our pretty little shop. A new landlord bought the building where we lived and worked and suddenly decided he wanted it for himself (“it isn’t personal”). So our successful business of four years had to go. We had to find a new place to live and now we have to find a new home for our shop.

Currently, we are still looking for that location in Woodstock – that little retail space that we can fill with our special energy and love. Until we find that space, we are still open…just online. So please, it’s even more important that you shop with us. The store is our family income. And I guess now we really are the “hidden gem of Woodstock.”


So who are the people in our shop?

Andrew Cort is kind of like the silent partner of the shop…because he’s quiet. Except when he’s writing. Then he uses a lot of words. All of them. He’s the guy who started the shop and came up with the name of Reveries.


Andrew wears a lot of hats…figuratively. He doesn’t actually wear hats even though we sell them. Hmm…I should ask him about that.

Anyway, Andrew is an interfaith minister so he can definitely marry you if you want to get hitched. He’s also Woodstock’s favorite chiropractor so if you feel a little bent out of shape, he can fix you up. He’s also an author, a Nautilus Gold Award winner in fact, and all his books are available in the shop in the “Books” section. They’re even autographed!

Check out Andrew’s website and his blog, Interfaith Awakening. If you want to schedule an appointment for his chiropractic services which includes applied kinesiology, craniosacral balancing, pain relief and nutritional counseling, email him through his web site or call him at (845) 750-9652


The shop, both online and in real life, is run by me, Rhea. I’m the not-silent partner. Very not-silent. I guess I’m also the manager since I manage to do a heck of a lot. I do the buying and try to figure out what people will think is beautiful, make them feel something and want to have for themselves. I also do the selling so if you come in or shop online, it’s me you’ll have the fun of interacting with. This gorgeous website is designed by me too and I run all the social media.


Even though I can make some crystal jewelry and I do sell my photography and recipe books, my greatest talent is finding talented artists and beautiful products to sell in our store.

While I love everything in the store, my heart is all about the crystals. I’m even a Certified Master Crystal Healing Practitioner and I make crystal healing kits so if you need something crystal-related, I can help. I’m also a vegan cook and have my own website called The “V” Word with hundreds of vegan recipes. I have written several e-cookbooks which you can buy in the “Books” section. I know, when do I sleep? I don’t.


The guy who maintains the store, takes care of everyone (human and otherwise) and handles all the shipping is Tom, the other silent partner.01a90edb28391a1f12f6f44e746d8c0b4229ba244b

Tommy’s my Sweetie. He works hard taking care of all of us (he really has his hands full) and he’s the reason the shop functions from day to day (and why I function from day to day). He is our Shipping and Handling Department and makes sure customers get their packages quickly and safely. Plus, Tom’s a librarian and working on his PhD. So he’s not just cute, he’s really smart. But he’s really cute too.


Who’s doing all that barking?

If you hear a lot of barking, don’t worry. That’s just Rosie and Benny; they’re the heart and soul of everything we do. That’s why their pictures are bigger than ours. Plus, they are much cuter than any of us. Much.

Rosie is Andrew’s dog (but in our hearts, she’s mine and Tom’s as well). She’s a mini-schnauzer but she thinks she’s a sheepdog and she’s always trying to herd people and Benny.


Rosie is a sweetheart and is always up for a belly rub. She even has her own book! “Rosie & Friends: Unleashed in the Berkshires” is the story (slightly embellished) of Rosie’s puppyhood. If you buy it, she will paw-tograph it and add a personal message. And if you buy her book, Rosie gets an extra biscuit as commission. She loves biscuits. A lot.

Note: Rosie passed away on January 6, 2018 at the age of 15. I just can’t bring myself to erase her part of the story. We miss her so much every single day. She is forever the heart of all of us.  

Benny is my dog. And Tom’s. Benny is always in the shop by my side with his cow-sister Trudy. He’s the guard dog – all 9 lbs. of him. He even has a t-shirt that says “Security” on it. Seriously, he has more clothes than I do.

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Benny loves to meet customers and get scratchies though when you stop he will bark at you in protest. Benny and Rosie are frenemies; they only agree about squirrels, cats and biscuits.


Where are we again?
We are only online for the meantime so please take a look at the beautiful items on our site that will lift your spirits and instantly make you feel lighter and happier. And as soon as we have a new physical location, we will let you know where it is. Rosie and Benny will be waiting for you. They will make you happier as well.
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