Pet Ailments and Issues

Ailment/Issue Crystals Ailment/Issue Crystals
Abused Jade / Rose Quartz Ear Issues  Amethyst / Onyx
Aging Animals Carnelian Fear  Amethyst / Rose Quartz / Turquoise
Allergies Fluorite / Carnelian / Jasper Fleas &Ticks deterrent Amber / Amethyst
Aggression  Jade / Rose Quartz / Smoky Quartz Grounding Onyx / Hematite / Tigers Eye
Arthritis Fluorite / Turquoise / Carnelian / Mother of Pearl Hyperactivity Moonstone
Bones & Teeth Fluorite Intestinal Issues  Labradorite / Hematite / Citrine
Bonding Moonstone / Hematite / Sodalite Low Immunity Clear Quartz
Calming  Sodalite / Moonstone /Rose Quartz / Jade / Howlite/Amber /Amethyst / Bloodstone / Carnelian Muscle Issues  Rose Quartz / Snowflake Obsidian / Hematite
Cancer  Carnelian / Fluorite / Moonstone / Jasper Pain Clear Quartz / Lapis Lazuli / Jasper/Amethyst
Dying & Grief Hematite / Moonstone / Rose Quartz / Amethyst / Sugilite Purification  Turquoise
Depression Lapis Lazuli / Onyx / Carnelian / Citrine Protection Tiger’s Eye / Turquoise /Black Onyx
Detoxification  Snowflake Obsidian / Citrine Respiratory Issues Lapis Lazuli / Rose Quartz
Diabetes Citrine Separation Anxiety  Amethyst / Mother of Pearl
Digestion Issues Moonstone/ Black Onyx Skin Issues Jade / Carnelian
Endurance & Agility Sodalite / Tigers eye /Bloodstone / Clear Quartz Stress Rose Quartz / Sodalite / Citrine /Agate / Jasper
Excessive Barking Amethyst Training Issues Amethyst / Carnelian / Citrine / Fluorite / Sodalite/Agate
Eye Issues  Jade Travel  Tiger’s Eye



BLACK OBSIDIAN – Great for reptile owners as Obsidian absorbs negative energy and heat. Reptiles will love its heat-retaining qualities, and the shiny black stone will look good in their habitat too. Just be sure the stones have smooth edges.

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