Amethyst Moon Pendulum/Purse Clip/Keychain/Hanger


This beauty has so many uses. It has a silver lobster clasp so you can use it as a purse clip or keychain. Or you can hang it in your window and let the sun shine through. It’s also a pendulum. How will you use it?

This accessory had a silver hammered brass ring, a gorgeous clear Amethyst pendulum, and crystal Amethyst moon, both wire-wrapped in silver non-tarnish wire.

Approx. 5″ long

Made by Wild Heart Whimsicals

Amethyst is both a Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra stone. it is the stone of sobriety and spirituality. It brings peace and tranquility, enhances intelligence and business intellect. It helps you from overindulging in things you shouldn’t and prevents drunkenness. Offers travel protection too. Amethyst is said to help migraines, cancer, and insomnia.

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