Chakra Set – Crown


Chakra Set – Crown

This is a Chakra Crystal Set for the Crown Chakra. It contains 4 stones in an organza pouch that can help you  balance your Crown Chakra when used in crystal healing sessions, meditations or however you desire to use them.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. It’s primary color is white or deep purple. This Chakra is associated with the transcendence of our limitations, whether they are personal or bound to space and time. It is where the paradox becomes norm, where seemingly opposites are one. The quality of awareness that comes with the crown chakra is universal, transcendent. As we are immersed in the energy of the crown chakra, we feel a state of blissful union with all that is, of spiritual ecstasy. This chakra allows access to the upmost clarity and enlightened wisdom. Some describe this chakra as the gateway to the cosmic self or the divine self, to universal consciousness. It’s linked to the infinite, the universal.

  • Consciousness
  • Awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, of what is sacred
  • Connection with the formless, the limitless
  • Realization, liberation from limiting patterns
  • Communion with higher states of consciousness, with
  • Ecstasy, bliss
  • Presence

The stones included in this set are:

Amethyst – is the stone of sobriety and spirituality. It brings peace and tranquility, enhances intelligence and business intellect. It helps you from overindulging in things you shouldn’t and prevents drunkenness. Offers travel protection too. Amethyst is said to help migraines, cancer, and insomnia.

Clear Quartz (rough point, not pictured) – is “The Power Stone.” It brings harmony and balance as well as clarity of thought. It dispels negative energy and energizes. Emotions become amplified. Quartz helps fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia and diabetes. Quartz amplifies the power of any stone it is with.

Fluorite – enhances intuition, brings order to chaos, dispels negative energy, helps brainstorming, writer’s block, focus and enhances psychic communication. Helps the immune system, tension headaches, emotional and physical scars.

Howlite – reduces stress and anxiety, encourages emotional expression, helps eliminate pain, stress, rage and negative energy. Calms overactive minds to promote restful sleep. Strengthens positive character traits while reducing negative ones. Helps muscle tension, teeth and bones.


Note: some stones may be substituted due to availability



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