Crystal Healing Kits



We have lots of crystal healing kits available. Each kit includes tumbled or rough crystals specifically chosen to help you attain whatever you need – pain relief, healing, relief from anxiety, weight loss, prosperity, getting through a crisis, etc.

Please choose which kit you want from the pull-down menu. 

Please Note that these kits are for their specific purpose as stated in the kit’s title and that is what you will receive. You cannot add other things (i.e. you can’t add addiction to an anxiety kit).

If you need something different, please choose a Personalized Crystal Kit

All crystal healing kits are cleared and programmed with specific intent by a certified Master Crystal Healing Practitioner.

All crystal healing kits come in an organza pouch with written descriptions of each crystal and it’s properties as well as instructions on how to use your crystal healing kit. Note: crystals may vary from kit to kit upon availability.

If you need a crystal healing kit not listed here, please see our Personalized Crystal Healing Kits where you can specify what you need and we will make it for you.

Disclaimer: these kits are not meant to substitute for professional medical advice or care. Please consult your medical professionals for the care of you and your loved ones. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

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