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Animal Lovers League is a rescue shelter located in Long Island, New York. They are the organization that rescued our Benny from a kill pound.

The volunteers at Animal Lovers League went to the pound to save some other animals in danger of being destroyed and saw Benny huddled in the back of a cage. He was 5 pounds of skin and bones and so scared. They hadn’t planned it but they rescued him too.

We had lost our Poochie in September 2006 and I looked at dogs in need online but couldn’t bring myself to get one. I was grieving badly. Anytime we came close to adopting a dog, thinking they needed a home and we had one to give, I backed out. Then I saw Benny’s picture on Petfinder.


Something in those eyes was saying “Please, I need a home” and I couldn’t resist. I actually filled out the form half-heartedly, expecting myself to back out again, but Animal Lovers League called and said if we wanted him, to come get him. That was October 27, 2006. They had named him Casper; we changed his name to Benoni.

Benny was very traumatized, screamed and cowered at everything. It took about 18 months and a lot of learning about how to communicate with dogs for Benny to start to feel secure. He put on muscle and he’s a very sociable little guy! The transformation was amazing!


Animal Lovers League fights animal cruelty and provides care for the victims. They are currently raising money to rescue more dogs and cats and provide spay/neuter services.

They rescued Benny which also helped us heal. Now we try to help them in return. If you would like, you can add a donation to your order and we will make sure Animal Lovers League gets it.

Animal Lovers League is located in Locust Valley, NY

(516) 723 – 9610

Visit them at:





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