Gemmy Wrap Bracelet – Moonstone, Iolite, Herkimer Diamond and Aquamarine with Lotus Charm


Light and lovely, the colors of this wrap bracelet are so gorgeous and calming. It has moonstone, iolite and aquamarine and Herkimer diamonds. Hanging from the bracelet are a dangling wire-wrapped ameththyst briolette and a silver lotus charm. You’ll love this dreamy bracelet.

14″ + 1″ chain long and wraps around the wrist. Silver lobster clasp.

Handmade by Wild Heart Whimsicals

Moonstone intensifies your feminine ‘Goddess’ energy! Moonstone heightens intuition and insight while it calms overreactions and emotional triggers. Relieves stress. Offers travel protection. Helps decision-making, creativity. Helps children sleep without nightmares. Helps PMS, fertility, childbirth, liver issues, hormonal issues, and insomnia.

Amethyst is both a Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra stone. it is the stone of sobriety and spirituality. It brings peace and tranquility, enhances intelligence and business intellect. It helps you from overindulging in things you shouldn’t and prevents drunkenness. Offers travel protection too. Amethyst is said to help migraines, cancer, and insomnia.

Iolite is a Third Eye Chakra stone that can help with visions and dreams. Helps stress and can increase intuition. It helps quiet the noise so you can listen to your inner spiritual voice and differentiate it from your ego. Helps communication and relationships. Increases empathy. Helps headaches, migraines, eye strain, insomnia and nightmares.

Aquamarine allows one to look at emotional situations from other perspectives. It can help overcome judgment of others and encourage tolerance. Aquamarine can calm fear and worry and increases our sensitivity to others. Aquamarine can also work with the Heart Chakra by helping one to realize their innermost truth. Aquamarine facilitates the releasing of old patterns of behavior that no longer serve, and that actually inhibit one’s growth. Aquamarine can also bring peace and calm to the overactive mind, making it a great aid for deepening the meditative state. Physically, Aquamarine helps to heal ailments of the throat, including the thyroid and pituitary, and can help diseases of the liver. Aquamarine can also help with allergies by calming an overactive immune system, as well as assisting with other autoimmune disorders.

Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated Quartz Crown Chakra stones. They help people attune to each other. They open the higher Chakras and stimulate psychic abilities. They are calming, help insomnia and can lead to vivid dreams. Good for eyesight and the immune system. They can also clear EMFs.


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