Green Aventurine/Hematite Bracelet with Triquetra


Green Aventurine/Hematite Bracelet with Triquetra

This bracelet has green aventurine and hematite beads spaced clear faceted pieces on a stretch elastic as well as a pewter triquetra.

One size fits most.

Green Aventurine is a Heart Chakra Stone. It brings heart healing and comforting. It is an all-purpose healer. it helps you go towards new opportunities, bringing good luck and abundance. It helps inflammation and is the stone of choice for cardiac problems.

Hematite is a Root Chakra stone. It offers protection, healing and helps memory and learning. Hematite can help insomnia, pain of all types. It gives courage, especially to women.

The Triquetra is also known as the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle

• Circle signifies spiritual unity
• Protection circle that can’t be broken
• Symbolizes 3 fates of Greek mythology & Divine femininity
• Mind, Body, Soul
• Maiden, Mother, Crone
• Past, Present, Future
• Father, Son, Holy Ghost
• Creation, Preservation, Destruction
• Earth, Air, Water
• Life, Death, Rebirth

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