Handmade 108 Beads Heart Chakra Mala


This Heart Chakra Mala is hand-knotted with Rose Quartz beads and chips, Opalite beads plus a Hear Chakra Symbol pendant. You get a beautiful mala that is also a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Approx. 30″ long

If you do meditation or yoga, this mala will help you feel connected and set your intentions. Or wear it as a beautiful necklace that will have everyone asking where you got this amazing piece.

Rose Quartz is a Heart Chakra stone. it brings unconditional love, compassion and happiness. It opens the heart to all kinds of love. Helps heal emotional wounds. It is extremely calming and a wonderful stone for children.

Opalite is a protection stone. It helps you to see your true worth. It brings loyalty, spontaneity and fidelity. It strengthens the will to live. Helps infections, fevers, Parkinson’s disease and memory.


Handmade by Tay’s Dreamers

“Why 108 Beads?
The number 108 is a spiritually significant number & will always have 1 Guru bead (the 109th bead known as the Mother Bead)

1 • It has been said by Some that 1 stands for God or higher Truth

0 • Represents emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice

8 • Stands for infinity or eternity.

You can wear your mala around your neck or clasp it between your palms while focusing on your breath & tuning out distractions.

Another great way to use your mala beads is to bring it the mat with you during your yoga practice. This can help you focus and bring awareness to your intentions while infusing your mala with the energy of your sacred practice.

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