Here Comes the Sun Gemstone Necklace


Here comes the sun! This long necklace is dazzling with its bright and sunny beads of Citrine, Carnelian and Yellow Quartz and silver sun pendant. If you get one piece of jewelry this summer, this is it!!

32″ long; toggle clasp

Handmade by Tay’s Dreamers

Citrine is known as The Merchant’s Stone. It is a stone of abundance, prosperity, imagination, creativity, hope and happiness. It helps stop self-destructive behavior and addictions, weight loss, diabetes and fibromyalgia. This stone never needs cleaning.

Carnelian increases vitality, love of life and joy. Carnelian is a stone of friendship. It is a stone of willpower, creativity, drive, and decision-making. It helps rekindle intimacy and sexuality. Helps PMS, fertility, libido and menopause. Helps prevent miscarriage.

Yellow Quartz is a Solar Plexus chakra that can help you learn from your experiences and gain self-confidence. It symbolizes wisdom, warmth, creative joy! Physically,Yellow Quartz can ease digestive system ailments; increases metabolism and brain function; helps with food intolerance, and hyperactivity.


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