High in Fiber Crocheted Bag/Wallet/Clutch – Pink with Tree Button


How cute is this handmade bag? Pink with yellow daisy lining and tree button

5″ x 8″

Bold, vivid color with a unique button and colorful lining. Use it as a wallet, a clutch, a make-up bag, or however you need! This size bag is perfect for your keys, your phone, lip balm, credit cards and paper money. Don’t forget to put your Catskill Animal Sanctuary membership card inside too!

Made by hand by local artist Erica Ritter, founder of High in Fiber.

High in Fiber stemmed from a passion and desire to create products from nature’s fibers and recycled materials. These bags are hand-crocheted with 100% USA grown cotton yarn and hand-sewn 100% USA grown fabric into the bag. Hand wash only.

Proceeds of these bags go to Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

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