ROCKwear Janis Joplin Replica Necklace


Janis Joplin Replica Necklace

Take a little piece of her heart with this handmade red heart choker. The red heart is howlite and the chain is made with wood beads.

“Janis was a fascinating character who bridged the gap between psychedelic blues and soul scenes. She was so vulnerable, self-conscious and full of suffering. She tore herself apart yet on stage she was totally different. She was so unrestrained, so free, so raw and she wasn’t afraid to wail. Her connection with the audience was really important. It seems the suffering and intensity of her performance go hand in hand. There was always a sense of longing, of searching for something. She summed up the idea that soul is about putting your pain into something beautiful.

Living with her heart on her sleeve, here is a favorite choker of hers in which she can be seen wearing in many pictures.”

This necklace measures 16″

Handmade by The Hippie Bohemian

Beads made from seeds, nuts and wood should not be exposed to water or excessive humidity for long periods of time. Because they are harvested from plants and trees, natural beads will vary in size, shape and color from bead to bead.

Howlite reduces stress and anxiety, encourages emotional expression, helps eliminate pain, stress, rage and negative energy. Calms overactive minds to promote restful sleep. Strengthens positive character traits while reducing negative ones. Helps muscle tension, teeth and bones.


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