ROCKwear Jim Morrison Replica Necklace


This is a handcrafted replication of the bead necklace worn by Jim Morrison of the Doors, during his famous Young Lion Photo Shoot by Joel Brodsky in September 1967. It’s also known as his American Poet necklace, and his Cobra necklace.

The pattern and colors used are the original design and what Jim actually wore. This necklace was originally created by a friend of Jim’s in 1967. Gloria Stavers made the original necklace for him, using brown and green because she felt Jim was “earthy”; white, because he was “spiritual” and black because he was “mysterious”.

There is a version of this necklace in red, which was used for an album cover but it is this necklace with the green replaced with red in the photo. The “red version” was also worn by Val Kilmer in the 1991 movie “The Doors”.

* Beading Wire (what the beads are strung on)
* Czech seed beads in dark green, brown, black and white
* 22″ easily fits over your head

Handmade by The Hippie Bohemian

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