Organic Third Eye Chakra Tea Infused with Sapphire


Organic Third Eye Chakra Tea Infused with Sapphire

This chakra deals with insight, knowledge and wisdom. This herbal tea is crafted from herbs specially attuned to the third eye energy center.

Ingredients: Organic Eyebright Herb, Organic Jasmine Flower, Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Star Anise, Organic Passion Flower


18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags/Box

Third Eye Chakra Tea Health Benefits
Known as the ajna, the center of insight and intuition, the third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, above the brow. This chakra is the main point of intuition, focus, knowledge and being able to grasp the larger picture behind circumstances. An imbalance of this chakra may lead to poor decision-making, self-doubt and deceiving oneself. When meditating upon this chakra, the phrase focused upon is “I see”.

Herbs and Essence
The herbs used in this Third Eye Chakra Tea have been carefully selected for their ability to resonate with this chakra. Herbs such as eyebright, jasmine and spearmint provide the foundation for this solid blend with their unique resonance. Eyebright can help to illuminate both light and darkness through this chakra, while mint may improve the connection between mind and body. Star anise and passion flower bring their own uniqueness, creating a smooth, refreshing blend that can be enjoyed day or night.

The herbs of this tea have been enhanced with the essence of sapphire. This beauteous gem is most famous in blue form, but actually comes in a vast array of colors both light and dark. This vibrant rainbow assortment is perfect for a stone that reflects creative expression. Sapphire is a source of hope and mental clarity, a fitting companion to the third eye chakra. The essence of sapphire is obtained by setting the herbs around the stone for an extended period of time.

This herbal tea is a perfect choice for those who wish to bring balance to their third eye chakra. The teas contain fresh, 100% organic herbs, never mixed with any fillers or flavorings. The bleach-free tea bags ensure that there are no chemicals to contaminate the tea, and the boxes are fully recycled and recyclable.

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