Jo Jayson Sacred Feminine Oracle Deck


I’m beyond excited that my favorite artist, Jo Jayson, has created her Sacred Feminine Guidance Cards (oracle deck) and Guidebook after 6 years of working on it!!

I’ll let Jo explain the deck and how to use it: “These thirteen Guidance Cards, based of the thirteen Sacred Feminine channeled paintings, are intended to be used in the spirit of an oracle deck. Unlike traditional oracle decks, there are only thirteen cards as opposed to forty four. The reasons for this are: thirteen feminine energies came to me in Spirit in a particular order to spread their messages and to be embodied in my paintings. I believe this is because the number thirteen is sacred and contains an extraordinary amount of power. In the Kabbalah, thirteen is the most holy of numbers and embodys the energy of the Shekinah (Feminine aspect of the Divine) …the Sacred Feminine is contained within the number.

Before you embark on your spiritual journey with these cards find a quite place. Breathe in and out until you are centered. The Sacred Feminine is indeed sacred so allowing yourself to align with this energy will give you a clearer reading. Shuffle cards in the way most comfortable to you.

Think clearly about your issue or question but do not be too specific. Allow for the guides to offer what they feel you need at this time. Asking for the highest guidance that you need in the present moment is the perfect question.

Cut the deck in half and take the top card or fan them out face down and choose. You can pick up to three cards only. Usually one energy is enough to answer your question, but if you want a group message do not choose more than three cards. These feminine energies usually appear either on their own or in pairs and very rarely do they ever come in groups of more than three at a time. Unlike traditional oracle decks, anything more than three cards will dilute the wisdom of the message. Once you have selected your cards, use the guidebook and look within to receive the blessed guidance.”

The set includes the thirteen amazingly beautiful cards, a detailed guidebook and a special pewter Goddess charm which is inscribed on the back “I open my heart to the Goddess and all of Her lessons.” It all comes in a lovely organza pouch that makes it perfect for gift giving and/or easy travel.

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