Jo Jayson Self-Love Meditation CD


Self-Love Meditation CD

Get ready to love yourself with this beautiful Self-Love Mediation CD.

“All souls living this human life, struggle with remembering who they really are and where they come from. In truth we all come from a consciousness of unconditional love…that is what the Divine is. Understanding this concept and giving ourselves this unconditional love, is our greatest challenge and yet is the most important precursor to offering unconditional love to another and to receive it back. This 18 minute meditation done at least 3 times a week, sitting in a chair, will help you shift your subconscious mind back towards remembering who you are… extension of source energy. Once we remember who we are, we are then able to fill our own well with the love we have looked for outside ourselves for so long.”

Meditation CD by artist Jo Jayson and music by Mark Marshall


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