Self-Love Through The Sacred Feminine: A Guide to Self-Love Through The Paintings and Channelings of Jo Jayson


Jo Jayson’s extraordinary thirteen paintings of Sacred Feminine archetypes, prophetesses and women of strength herald the way to a unique path back towards Self-Love. The thirteen feminine energies came to artist Jo Jayson over the past several years, compelling her to paint their images and spread their powerful messages of Love, Light and Hope. In ‘Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine’, Jo Jayson gives these Sacred Feminine beings of Light and Spirit a voice, explaining through prayers, meditations, and healing lessons how to reconnect with our inner wisdom, and dance through the spirals of life and the changing seasons. Guided by Spirit, she helps us to understand that we are the expressions and reflections of the Sacred Feminine, and that our souls are “cups full of Source”. We are born wearing a crown; there is nothing more Divine than our own souls. Through the teachings of Guinevere, The Magdalene, Brighid of Ireland, Isis, Mary the Mother, Jeanne d’Arc, Miriam, Guan Yin, Morgan le Fey, Artemis, Kali Ma, Inanna, and Grandmother Spider, we learn how to love ourselves, take back our power, gain courage, forgive, embrace our sensuality, and weave the web of our own lives.

This book has won finalist for the 2017 Covr Visionary Book awards & the Peoples Choice Awards for the Personal Development/Self-Help category.

Paperback; 168 pages

Jo Jayson was born in the United Kingdom, and is a self-taught painter. She began her career as a muralist and decorative painter in London, Sydney, and New York. In 2008, she started working with the Divine Feminine energies. Since then, she has worked as a professional intuitive painter, channel, and teacher. Upon completion of her much-loved “Goddess Chakra Series,” Jo went on to complete the internationally acclaimed “Sacred Feminine Series” of paintings depicting thirteen “Divine Feminine” channeled archetypes. The images and wisdom that Jo receives and shares, has helped women all over the world find empowerment, healing, and inspiration. She is the author of the forthcoming ‘Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine’, the companion to her ‘Sacred Feminine Guidance Cards and Guidebook’. Jo has spent six years teaching workshops and online courses for healing and self-development in the United States, and offers paintings, prints, meditation kits and CD’s for physical and emotional wellness and empowerment.

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