Smoky Quartz and Turquoise Bracelet with Dreamcatcher Charm


You’ll feel safe and protected and have nothing but sweet dreams with this bracelet. Deep Smoky Quartz and gorgeous Turquoise beads plus a dreamcatcher charm.

Elastic. One size fits most.

Turquoise offers protection, healing, self-forgiveness, acceptance and peace. It releases regrets and relieves stress. Good for panic attacks, depression and exhaustion. Stabilizes mood swings and helps fears. Turquoise empowers those who feel bullied.

Smoky Quartz is known to increase inner strength and offer physical and psychic protection. It removes negativity and helps you reach goals. It is grounding and centering. Helps grief, depression, lifts the mood and gives courage. It enhances survival instincts and is a stone of choice for those undergoing serious challenges and treatments such as chemotherapy.

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