Soy Much Brighter Jar Candles – Vegan Because…4 Candle Set



“Vegan Because” candles are specifically crafted in order to make a difference in the lives of animals who desperately need our help.

If you can’t decide which Vegan Because…Candle to get, life just got easier because now they come in a set. You can get 4 of your choice – the cow (compassion), the pig (love), the chick (life), the sheep (hope), the bunny (freedom), the horse (equality) or the goat (justice) and you save money too! Save $5 on the price of the candles and save another $5 on shipping for a total savings of $10! 

Please say which 4 candles you want in the notes at checkout or we will have to choose for you based on availability. Chick is currently backordered.

Proceeds from the sale of these candles will be donated to our selected farm animal sanctuary of the month.

Each of the Vegan Because candles has a specially made scent just for us of sandalwood vanilla. You’ll want to give this to everyone you know – it makes a beautiful gift for the holidays or any days. Get the whole collection!

These 8 oz. candles come in recyclable glass jars with 100% recycled kraft labels. The candles are 100% soy wax with wood wicks and burn approx. 45+ hours (depending on candle care).

Handmade by Soy Much Brighter Candle Co.


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Why soy? Soy wax offers the cleanest burn, with almost no soot. A cleaner burn from soy is comparatively better for you and the environment over its paraffin wax counterparts. As a purely renewable resource, it contains absolutely no harmful toxins or carcinogens.

Other benefits of soy wax include:
-Long lasting

Another reason to choose soy is that it holds scent at a more valuable rate. Since soy burns at a cooler temperature than other waxes, it burns slower and releases the scent at a more leisurely pace, offering a longer lasting candle.

Woodwicks offer a natural, soft-glowing candle reminiscent of a warm fireplace. They also crackle when lit! These candles have mid-western native & organic hardwood of the finest quality giving these soy candles an extra earthly element.

Candle Care:

Keep the wick trimmed to a quarter of an inch for every burn
•Burn for one hour to start; let the wax pool to the edges of the glass
•Let the wax cool before the second round of burning
•Only burn for 3-4 hours at a time

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