The Beauty and Nobility of Life: The Restoration of Meaning in a World Overwhelmed by Commercialism, Scientism, and Fundamentalism


2017 Nautilus Book Award Winner: 1st Place Gold Award in the category ‘USA Spiritual Growth & Development”

THE BEAUTY AND NOBILITY OF LIFE has several related themes. First, it critiques many aspects of contemporary life that try to extinguish that radiant “gleam of light” (Emerson’s phrase) we all possess and turn us into powerless servants of the status quo: mindless conformity; excessive consumerism; disrespect for ourselves, others, and nature; and narrow-minded, fall-in-line thinking.  The book then turns to the sanctity of the individual, the magnificence of life, and the unity and Oneness of all creation. In a time of so much anger, divisiveness and hate, it emphasizes love, compassion, creativity, dignity, thinking for oneself, standing up to power, and intuiting higher levels of life beyond what can be seen, heard, or touched, in order to transcend our limitations and discover our true place in this marvelous universe.


Introduction by Stephen Larsen

  1. What Went Wrong?
  2. A Meaningful Education
  3. Emerson: “I Must Be Myself”
  4. Science and Reason
  5. On Healing
  6. My Brother’s and My Sister’s Keeper
  7. Beyond Religious Tolerance
  8. The Stewards of the Earth
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