“V” Necklace – Autumn Jasper with Lava Bead and Vintage Key Charm



This lovely necklace has a “V” shape of fancy jasper gemstone chips in autumn colors. There is also a vintage brass key charm hanging on a silver chain along with a lava bead so you can put a drop of your favorite essential oil to diffuse through the bead. Beauty and aromatherapy in one pretty piece of jewelry.

Necklace is about 24″ long and adjustable to be made shorter.

Handmade by Damselfly Cottage Creations

Rainbow Jasper, also known as Fancy Jasper, is a steady healer that works with all Chakras. It helps procrastination and organization for overactive minds. It prevents us from getting caught up in the past or the future and helps us focus on the now. Helps creativity.

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