Vintage Spoon Gem Bracelet – Carnelian and Agate


These Vintage Spoon Gem Bracelets are beautiful and unique. Made with vintage silver spoons and real gemstones. Plus a damselfly Charm.

Elastic on the gemstone half, fits wrists up to 7”

Handmade by Damselfly Cottage Creations

Carnelian is a Sacral Chakra stone that increases vitality, love of life and joy. Carnelian is a stone of friendship. It is a stone of willpower, creativity, drive, and decision-making. It helps rekindle intimacy and sexuality. Helps PMS, fertility, libido and menopause.

Agate is a protective energy stone, especially calming and soothing to children. It strengthens our connection to Earth and gives courage, harmony, and good luck. Agate is a grounding and calming stone that helps you overcome negative emotions with love. It brings mental clarity, self-acceptance, heals inner anger and emotional traumas. Helps with decision-making and helps you move on. Helps bones, joints, pain and mobility.

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