Photo Print – Waterfall in Woodstock – 11×14″


Waterfall in Woodstock – 11 x 14″

You can almost heat the rush of the water flowing and hitting the rocks and feel the cool air as you gaze at this photograph of the waterfall in Woodstock, NY.

This is the Tannery Brook Waterfall at what is now Woodstock Waterfall Park on Tannery Brook Road. “Where once a tannery operated, this sculpted rock ledge and pristine waterfall over which the Tannery Brook flows has been a hidden jewel for many years. Long at the center of Woodstock life as it travels through the heart of Woodstock, Tannery Brook represents Woodstock’s evolution from the destruction of 19th century industrialization to the communal and environmental quality of Woodstock life today.” – Woodstock Waterfall Park

Simply framed in a glass clip photo frame which seamlessly coordinates with any home decor and keeps the photo the main focal point. Can be mounted on the wall. Steel spring clips hold together the clear tempered glass panel and the chipboard backing.

Photography by Rhea Parsons

11 x 14″ horizontal orientation

This item is ready to ship. Other sizes available upon request.

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