Valentine’s Day is Coming!

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Valentine's Presents

Woodstock Reveries now has a monthly newsletter with store news, sales, featured products, and artist profiles and interviews. Check out our February 2015 issue with our top picks for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts and The Artist’s Corner featuring Janet McKinstry, the talent behind our beautiful and unique bags, purses, totes and other one of a kind items.

And Here is a Perfect Gift — Special, Unique, Classy, and Sure to be Appreciated!

The Song of Solomon


Think the Bible is stuffy? You’re in for a huge surprise. Solomon’s “Song of Songs”, which is found in the Hebrew Bible, is a beautiful, sacred and erotic masterpiece that reverberates on many levels — from the courtship of the king and his betrothed, to the mystical wedding of Heaven and Earth, to the sweet, sensual pillow talk of all happy lovers. This adaptation by Woodstock Reveries’ Andrew Cort, which alters none of the words, is merely written out clearly as a poetic dialogue and is meant to be read out loud together by couples. A wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, or any time you are feeling romantic.  Just $7.00   35 pp.

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